Lake Pein was Wide open and the Sea was Angry on Sunday my friends::::

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Lake Pein was Wide open and the Sea was Angry on Sunday my friends::::

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IT"S WIND SPORTS time!!!! Yeah, Sunday March 21, 2021, we had our Winsurf Opener two miles upstream from Lake City, MN on Lake Pepin.

7-8 sailors. All windsuring, not a kiteboarder in the sky, and I don't know why? Sidesure wind, from the South. Wind was gusty to 40's, making it

difficult for correct sail selection. Most sailors headed out to big (5.5's) and all got blown down as soon as we entered the "line Of wind."

So, I switched to a 4.5 Panter, with my classic Fanatic 105 liter Gecko, which is so "pointy" in the nose that now gust could make me out of control.

There were lulls in several corridors which was strange to be zipping along at warp speed when all of sudden almost "no wind?" and I fall backwards.

Lots of peeps strolling by asking questions,,,"Is that hard to do'?" Answer, "Nah." ….."I bet that's a good workout." Answer, "Yeah."

End of the day,,,,A couple slowly driving by says, "Hey there's a guy in the water struggling by his board,,is he in trouble?" Answer, "No, that's part

of windsurfing. We're half the time in the water. "That's why he's got a drysuit on, a helmut, a lifejacket warm boobs mitts. He's just fine, thanks for
your concern and please don't call the cops."

Sunday sailors were, Eric F., Eric D., Peter G. Bill S. and other Bill s and Gregg G.
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