Quetzalcoatl getting ready to say something.......

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Quetzalcoatl getting ready to say something.......

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Hi! Oh.....

Remember you can still windsurf in the Winter on wide rivers....Of course dry suit, hood, booties (7cm thick) and lifevests are a must.

It's best to use a weed fin,,,in case you hit some ice bergs. The impact is more gradual than just "dead on" with a straight fin.

But yes,,,you DO have to wait till the temp goes up above freezing,,like 35 odr 38 degrees...40ish is better! And to have some "Good' wind helps too.

Often St. Croix River, Misissippi River are prime locations for Winter Windsurfing.

I once Windsurfed on New Years' eve..around 4:30 pm..(Yes in the dark with a flash light duck tapped to my helmut). This was on Upper lake Pepin of Wacouta Beach. All open water due to the Nuclear Power plant dumping it's hot water into the river after cooling those hot steaming reactors. Yeah, my eyes were kind of fosphorescent green for a while after that.

Also,,,just As Lake Pepin (down stream) turns into a river again (still A quarter of mile wide) there's open water downstream from Camp La-coup-olos

if air temp goes above freezing. I've sailed (hyroplanned) here in the month Feb. and one time on Dec. 26th.

I know many die hard sailors sail on lower st. Croix, near Hudson, Wi. or opposite Minnnesota side of that.

So,,,,Windsurfing is for all year and forever!

Quetzalcoatl out.
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