The Sea was Angry on Wensday my friends...

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The Sea was Angry on Wensday my friends...

Post by Quetzalcoatl »

Yeah! Last day of September (Sept 30th) I sailed at Brey Park with Oz (Ozwaldo).
Wind was a steady STRONG 23 mph with some gusts up to 30. Sweet wonderful Wind!
Fall winds are back Baby! At least some days. Sailed about two hours with the 6.3 Tiger ezzy and Tabou 115 l. Rocket (that thing just moves
on Auto-pilot)! Then wind died down to around 14-15 mph and I rigged the 7.5 Ezzy freeride sail and 142 liter Fanatic Shark and as I was schologging
out to sea (to the middle of the lake) a rain squall hit and the wind was blowin strong again! I loved that Rain Squall! I was warm with 5 mm of rubber and a rubber hood on. I love rain squalls. Too cold for lightning. Not at all what so ever!

That's all for now. Anybody else care to share? (a wind story?)

Quetzalcoatl out.
Don J
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Re: The Sea was Angry on Wensday my friends...

Post by Don J »

The Wac was similar with big winds in heavy rain squalls, with times of lulls in wind! I also love the heavy rain while sailing - With No lightening !!
Andy, Gary, Eric, Jerry and myself(on a 5.7 NW) only ones on the water that day. I could not see the shore or what was 20' in front of me at times during the rain squalls. Even the waves on the Wac flatten out due to the heavy rain. I wondered if Eric's Cloud kite could handle the rain. Later on shore he said if was no problem but he loved it also.

I had just stopped for a break, in the water with gear, to catch my breath when Gary appeared out of the rain with a stoke off the chart. Still rain pouring down on us he proclaimed his fast's run ever during one of the times when the waves had been flatten out by the heavy rain. Later that night he texted me with the peak speed results. On 6.5m his wist GPS hit 29.something MPH. Not his fast's run ever but may be his highest stoke level ever!!
...What Fun!
Eric S
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Re: The Sea was Angry on Wensday my friends...

Post by Eric S »

Great Stories! I love being out in the rain when it's blowing. The surface of the water seems to smooth out into an other worldly look, like the moon or venus - even tho I never have been to either !

Here's a shot from 30th on Waconia shared by Shane Lewis on the Facebook

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Re: The Sea was Angry on Wensday my friends...

Post by jvpaint »

Thanks for sharing the vibe on the lake.
I’m out with a torn Miniscus so I haven’t been out for 2 months,
It always seems like the wind gets good when ya can’t go out, so frustrating.
Keep the updates coming!
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Re: The Sea was Angry on Wensday my friends...

Post by Binx »

Strange how the rain flattened the waves and chop without killing the wind. Agree with Eric that it looked "otherworldly".
Felt like I was obliterating my personal speed record on my last run, but my impression was wrong. The old record stands!
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