We're usually so busy teaching it's hard to snap shots. Here are some that have been captured over the years. Also check out the riders gallery, many shots of past students who have become local rock stars!

Going through the gear. Warm up exercises...pumping up the kites.
Going through the mechanics on land first.
Technique, safety, and gear... Practicing relaunching the kite off the water in the shallows.
Launcher has responsibilities as well Starting young.
Everyone starts with a body drag...They can be a lot of fun. We all remember that first ride..even if it was only 20 feet.
Pure stoke. 74 years young.
Winter Session  

Everyone starts with a trainer kite session. Flying fundamentals are established that are the basis for all riding.

Skis are easier and more stable to start on.

You can start off slow...
and build into powered up riding.

Fun time for all ages.
Winter school supplies. Our intention is to give you as much as experience with the different gear that when you buy your first kite, you'll know what you're looking for.

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