Like Calhoun, White Bear provides good sailing at a convenient location. Just NE of the cities, the lake provides sailing on most directions and has quite a local sailing community. Milfoil does pose a problem at times, but they do their best to keep it under control.

White Bear Lake offers great kiting for the more experienced kiter, though gets quite crowded in the summer especially on the weekends. While Ramsey has a great rigging area and some shallow water, it only gets clean wind on a SE which is directly onshore. The concrete retaining wall, metal signs, swimmers, and congestion makes RAMSEY IS AN EXPERT ONLY LAUNCH. Bellaire does get sideshore winds on a East or West wind, though the docks and congestion pose significant risks. Mahtomedi is just too small and full of beach goers to be a safe launch for any kiter in the summer. If you are less experienced, choose another lake to develop your skills like Lake Washington or Mille Lacs. These lakes offer much safer launches and large shallow areas. If WBL is convenient for you, once experienced you'll be able to enjoy all this lake has to offer.

White Bear is a great lake to ride in the winter. All the launches are available. Choose the launch that will provide the longest upwind fetch or the best sideshore winds.
  • Ramsey Beach: On the northshore, Ramsey Beach is one of the best rigging areas around. The park is well maintained and great place to spend the day with the family. Work your way up wind on a South wind and you'll be rewarded by a stronger flow through the channel.
  • Mahtomedi...Eastern side. Just west of the town of Mahtomedi, this small park is only open to sailors in the spring and fall.
  • Bellaire...Southside. This site can be sailed from many wind directions. Work your way up wind on a north wind and the funnel from the two peninsulas turbo charges the wind.
How to Get There
Ramsey- Take 61 to 96 east. Look for Ramsey County Beach on your right.
Mahtomedi.- Take Juniper west off of Mahtomedi Ave in Mahtomedi. Zig zag to the lake.
Bellaire- Take 61 to White Bear Ave. Turn East and follow it to South Shore Bvd. Turn left. Follow South Shore Bvd around the south side of the lake till you see the park on your left.
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