Some of the best slalom sailing in Minnesota can be found on this lake. A sandy bottom and shallow water make this an ideal lake for beginners and intermediates working on waterstarts. More advanced sailors will enjoy the flat water for intense speed runs and on a west wind the sand bar kicks up a big line of ramps that makes for great B&J. The flat prairie that surrounds the lake ensures a steady flow of air.
Kiting Washington
Lake Washington is great spot for kiting. The eastern third of the lake is quite shallow, though it does get deep near shore on the far east side. On west winds the NE launch provides great sideshore conditions. Second only to Malmo on Mille Lacs for ideal learning conditions. (Depending upon wind direction).

  • For south to west wind go to the Dassel Sportman's Club on the NE side of the lake. This is by far the best launch in the state. There is a large lush green lawn, easy water access, picnic tables for watching and large shady trees. You park on the lawn and rig next to your vehicle. There is also a satellite toilet and boat launch. It is a private launch maintaned by Dassel Rod and Gun Club and has a $20.00 annual fee (purchased in Dassel) This is now strickly enforced. You need to have a sticker in your windshield. The club welcomes us if we register and respect their property. Let's do our best to honor their wishes.
  • South DNR Boat Launch: Best for WNW to NE winds, the site has a small grassy rigging area, satellite toilets, and a large parking lot similar to Waconia. Difficult launch through channel in cattails and weeds make this site less than ideal for North winds, but still sailable.
How to Get There
West on 12 through Dassel. To get to the sportsman club take 708 Ave. south to the first road to the right. It may seem like you're going through a farmyard, but follow the road down to the lake and park on the lawn to the left. Follow the map to the south site.

Thanks to "the armchair speedster" Ian McTavish for supplying info for this page. Ian has been known to lure innocent victims to this lake and eat them for lunch as he screams past them on his Tiga, wickedly chuckling to himself.

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