Green is the cleanest lake in the state and one of the cleanest in the country. It's so clean they transport the ice for the Ice Castle in St. Paul in from Green each winter. Close to two hours from the Twin Cities, this big blue lake is well worth the drive. On big days the breaking swell is awesome, on slalom days the beauty of the water is breathtaking. Well into the flat western half of the state, the winds on Green can be higher and less gusty than the eastern lakes. If you don't want to risk Mille Lacs on South wind, Green is a really good second option for big bump and jump.

  • Northwest Public Access: One of the best sites for south and southeast winds, this site does not have much to offer. It is basically a driveway to the water. If you care about your equipment, rig it in the grassy culvert along the road. Don't forget to look back and find a landmark on your first ride out. The site can be hard to find from the water.
  • The county park and beach on the northeast corner of the lake has great facilities, beach access, and works well on south and awesome on southwest winds.
  • The other sites indicated are either public boat launches/parks or beaches. No other information is known at this time.

How to Get There
From Minneapolis there are several routes. You can head up 94 and head down on 23 at St. Cloud, you can follow 55 out to 23, or you can take 12 out, and head north on 4 after Atwater. I would only recommend the last option if you were considering Lake Washington as well because you pass right by it on your way out. Otherwise 12 has far too many small towns and farmers "enjoying the ride" to the field. The other two options take about equal time depending upon your vehicle
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