Weather the best up to the minute weather comes from the seaplane airport station near the sailing sites. The number for the automated service is 218.720-4886.

Description The biggest water within a days trip, Duluth offers all the wonders of real windsurfing, massive shorebreak, head-on ramps, and rolling gigantic swells. Superior stays cold through summer so bring a drysuit. The bay offers great sailing as well.

How to Get There About 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Minneapolis, straight up 35W. Take I 35 to the canal park exit and go across the lift bridge (there is only two lift bridges like this in the world, kinda cool). Several blocks after the lift bridge the road makes a S curve, and there is a little park/beach access on the lakeside. This is good when the wind is out of the northeast, big rollers can come in. If the wind is out of any other direction, continue down this road to Park point, a park at the very end of the road (but before the seaplane airport, there is a restricted area on the water there for the planes). After you enter the park, bear off to the bayside on the right and there is a nice grassy area for rigging. You can also launch on the lakeside here, but entails a walk over the sand dunes. Bayside works well for almost any wind direction, but winds out of the west are a bit iffy. You can also go to BarkerÍs island on the Superior WI side of there are strong northeast winds and you donÍt want to break you equipment/back on the big lake.

Thanks to Chris Delp for the site info.

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