Calhoun Summer Kiting Restrictions in Place.
The Minnesota Kiting Community has banned kiteboarding on Calhoun during the summer months. Lake is too small, small room for error, wind is unstable, unsafe. Winter launches better near middle on ice.

Calhoun is definately the local "scene". While the wind conditions at times may not be perfect, Calhoun offers many features not found at other lakes. The social shore talk, the lycra clad scenery, and its convenience make Calhoun the lake of choice for many when work permits only a few hours on the water. Milfoil is a problem from mid June till September, though the city does do their best to keep it under control.

Kiting: Calhoun is off limits to all kiters in the summer months. The dangers are too great, to the rider in gusty winds and the bystanders along the lake shore. One accident could pose access issues elsewhere. Winter kiting on Calhoun is great for all levels of kiters. Almost any direction works. Walk out and launch away from shore in the middle of the lake ( not the windward side). It's great for a lunch hour ride. The winds are much less gusty in the winter, due to the lack of thermals coming from the city. Respect others out enjoying the lake.

  • Main launches (large arrows): These sites all have beach access, parking, grassy rigging, and portapotty access. Beware of the "washboard" waves created by the walls near the sailboats and near the intersection of 36th Street and the lake.
  • Other Launches: You can launch almost anywhere around Calhoun, though be aware of dropoffs near drainage pipes.
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